Differences you can spot while cruising in Southern America or Antarctica

Differences you can spot while cruising in Southern America or Antarctica

Now when we talk about going for a vacation or visit unique and exciting places there could be lots of places or destinations we can consider. As you may be thinking of South America holidays or south America travel for a lively, colorful vacations in the summer season or you may like to go on breathtaking Antarctic tours or enjoy arctic cruises

Whatever you like to do matters a lot and requires you to be prepared and get ready for whichever destinations you choose. Just remember it is not a same thing or would not be a same experience, when you decide to go on a South America travel or for an Antarctica tour.

Here are some most visible and noteworthy differences that make both regions, completely different tourist spot:

Time and seasons are different

One if the most noticeable difference is the difference of time zone as well as the seasons. Like the summers in Australia and South America would be the winters in Antarctica. So make sure you are well prepared for that.

Life there is totally different

Also, the life the living beings and the whole lifestyle are the extreme opposite of each other. There would be a lot of green scenes in the South America, while you'll only see ice in Antarctica.

Climatic differences

There is a huge climatic difference between the two destinations. As there is a lot of ice and icy winds on the Antarctic regions and in South America, there you can see the warm beaches and humid, warm air at noon which is lacking in the arctic regions.

The overall habitat and natural looks

Overall habitat in arctic zone is icy cold with no vegetation. While in the South America you can see the green fields, a wide range of vegetation and colorful plants around there.

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